BiologistFreePictureI am excited to announce a new program for biologists!

I work with many different researchers and I have found they always help me out in one way or another. As a small gesture of thanks, I give them photographs to use for presentations. Their work advances our knowledge of the natural world, which allows the general public to protect it in a smarter way. Conservation is what I care about most, so I have decided to give a free picture away to any biologist who'd like to use it for their presentations, lectures, social media, fundraising, blog posts, and your environmental education programs!

Simply search for your species (Latin name is probably easier) in my stock gallery, or check out my species list to see if I have a picture of your study subject. If so, just send me an email with the ID for the picture you would like to use and I will send you the photograph. If you know other biologists who may also like a picture, feel free to forward this on to them (you may also share the page via social media using the sharing buttons at the end of the page).

As of this moment these are my species totals (updated October 18th, 2014)

Mammals: 95 Species, 74 Subspecies
Birds: 201 Species, 124 Subspecies
Reptiles: 19 Species, 6 Subspecies
Amphibians: 9 Species, 4 Subspecies
Fish: 2 Species, 0 Subspecies
Arthropods: 11 Species, 0 Subspecies
Molluscs: 2 Species, 0 Subspecies
Algae: 2 Species, 0 Subspecies
Plants: 77 Species, 8 Subspecies

If you don't see you study species yet, but are hoping get a picture, just let me know the species you study and as soon as I have a picture, I'll email you.

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I always enjoy my work with biologists, especially because they are at the forefront of conservation. If you'd like to collaborate on a project, please feel free to email me or check out my services page.