Fine Prints

The gallery below consists of all the images I am currently selling as fine prints. If an image strikes your fancy, just note the image id and email me.


Print Only (Inkjet) Metal Print
16 x 20 $400 $600
18 x 24 $550 $750
24 x 36 $800 $1,000
40 x 60 $1000 $1,200

Inkjet Prints:
The inkjet (or giclèe prints) utilize high quality archival inks that are printed on a heavy, 310g paper with a subtle texture using a high-resolution large format printer. The paper is one hundred percent cotton, acid-free, and is finished with a water-based protective spray. The matte finish creates the look more of a painting, rather than a photograph.

Metal Prints:
Metal prints are the new hit these days, and there is a reason for it. The colors just pop off the print! During the process, dyes are directly infused into specially coated aluminum sheets. With no glass between you and the print, the luminescence is unsurpassed.  The other nice attribute of these prints is that they are scratch resistant, waterproof, and can easily be cleaned with any glass cleaner. Like inkjet prints, you want to avoid hanging these prints in direct sunlight. The print hangs a half inch off the wall using a float mount hangar.

Turnaround time for prints is 4-6 weeks.

Questions? Email me.