About Me

The Quick Version: My name is Sebastian Kennerknecht and I am a professional photographer who is crazy about wildlife and conservation, especially for wild cats.

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The Long Version: I grew up in Munich, Germany and moved to the United States when I  was ten years old. In Europe, I experienced the outdoors from hikes in the Alps and was always fascinated by the exotic animals in the zoo. This interest in wildlife increased once I realized the amount of wilderness America has to offer.

Wildlife became my passion and I studied behavioral ecology at the University of California at Santa Cruz to further my knowledge about animals. While at the university I started to combine my love of wildlife with photography, an activity I learned from my dad.

I spent hours and hours looking for bobcats on campus, trying to get some good photographs of them. When I did encounter them, I not only took pictures, but notes about when I saw them, what habitat they were in, and other important ecological factors. The more time I got to spend with them, the more I was enamored by all of their amazing qualities. Similar to house cats, bobcats are often quirky, stealthy, and sly animals. These guys were definitely the jump start into my obsession with wild cats. I mean how cool are they!?! Felines are powerful animals that move through the landscape like ghosts, hiding in the shadows; they are extremely skillful predators, yet posses amazing grace and agility. When you are eye to eye with a wild cat, the whole world stops.

Philosophy: My photography is my best tool for doing what I cared about most, conserving and protecting wildlife in peril (I do this through normal photographic techniques as well as with my unique SLR camera traps).  I focus on highlighting the critical need for more conservation efforts through my images. Not only do I want to show the pure awesomeness of the species, but I also like to show the threats they face while portraying the people who are fighting to stop these same problems. I am a strong believer of partnerships and I treasure all of the amazing people and conservation groups I have had the pleasure to work with. I truly feel, that by working together, we can make the necessary differences for the wild animals we love so much.

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In terms of what I am willing to do to get the picture, its easy, the welfare of the animal comes first, everything else is secondary.

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