One-on-One Photo Lessons

Photography and Editing Lessons or Portfolio Reviews

I offer private one-on-one photo and editing lessons for people who need help with their photography and editing skills. These can be in person in the San Francisco Bay Area, or virtually worldwide. This generally means that we first assess your strength and what you would like to improve on. Please do not feel reluctant because you are completely new to photography, everyone started at that same point. Portfolio Reviews are also available for anyone wanting feedback on their images. The requirements on your part are that you are english or german speaking (sorry, I wish I was fluent in other languages) and have access to consistent enough internet to conduct a skype call.

I usually give lessons on an hour-to-hour basis since people learn and take in material in different ways. I am of course always happy to do a multi-hour lesson as well.

Please feel free to contact me if you need help with any of these:
-Basic Camera Operations
-Advanced Camera Operations
-Camera versus Lens functions
-Exposure (Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO)
-Depth of Field
-White Balance
-Focusing (including birds in flight, or acquiring focus for other fast moving subjects)
-External Flash, Fill Flash
-SLR Camera Trapping
-Editing in Lightroom
-Portfolio Reviews

Price: $150 per hour


“Sebastian is a clear teacher, as well as flexible and inspiring. He answered questions that have plagued me for years, and reinforced the new techniques we were using in a fun way. I felt excited the whole six hours!! I highly recommend his classes.”— Jeanne Sofen

I don’t know if you knew but at one point in my life I was a principal so I went into lots of teachers’ classrooms and evaluated a fair number of them.  You would get an excellent evaluation!” — Lavonna Adams

You exhibit an amazing combination of patience, competence, and consideration.  I have never before experienced a single day of learning that provided more of what I wanted to know.” — Richard Plant

Please send me an email if you are interested in one-on-one lessons at