I specialize in wild cat, endangered species, and conservation photography. I am based in Los Altos, California, but travel internationally to take pictures on assignment (see my CV here). I often focus on covering an animal’s natural history, the threats it faces, the research that is being done on it, and the conservation measures in place to protect it. To do so, I use both conventional photographic techniques as well as customized digital SLR camera traps.

Are you a photo editor who is doing a story on an endangered species? Do you belong to an organization that needs a picture of a rarely seen, let alone photographed species? Is there a cat species you need a picture of, but can’t find one online? Are you a researcher who needs high-resolution images of you at work or of the hard to see animal you study? I am here to help, either through licensing you an image or by going on assignment for you. You can email me at or call me at 510-673-3194.


Are you having trouble understanding exposure, how shutter speed and aperture work? Are all the features of your SLR camera difficult to understand or overwhelming? Fear no longer. I teach one-on-one private photography lessons in the San Francisco Bay area. During this process we determine the things you are struggling with and we tackle them in easy, simple steps. Just call me at 510-673-3194 or email me at to set-up a time.

Would you like to add a few California species to your photography repertoire and learn to take better pictures of animals in the process? Are you interested in photographing wildlife in New Zealand, Africa, or southeast Asia? Do you want the logistical stress taken out of wildlife photography travel and just focus on taking pictures of amazing animals? I organize wildlife photography workshops that are intimate, give you the proper attention you deserve, and bring you close to incredible wildlife. Check out the Workshops page for details!

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