Wild Cat Photography Tours

Do you want to photograph wild cats, but have had trouble finding them in the past? Join me on one of my intimate, very small group size wild cat photography tours to find that elusive feline in the wild! Right now on offer are a bobcat photo tour, puma photo tour, Iberian lynx photo tour, as well as a cats of borneo photo tour. In the planning stages are photo tours for Canada lynx, manul, jaguar, lion, cheetah, leopard, kodkod, and others!

Puma Photo Tour
Cats of Borneo Photo Tour
Bobcat Photo Tour 2019
Iberian Lynx Photo TourPuma Photography Tour
Wild Cat Photography Tours

Be sure to check back, since I will continue to add more tours. Have questions? Don’t see a tour for a wild cat you want to photograph? Then get in touch! Just email me directly.

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