Free Sandhill Cranes Wallpaper

I saw this idea on my good friend Jeff Swanson’s blog and decided it was so great, I was going to rip it off and copy it (so go ver their, read his blog and download his landscape wallpapers). I’ll try to do this a monthly thing but all of you who know me, know that that means it will more likely be every other month. Anyways, the point is that the picture below is free for download to be used as a wallpaper on a personal computer.

Free Sandhill Cranes Wallpaper

Sandhill Crane Trio Silhouetted in Flight

Here is the direct link from which you can download it: Wallpaper – Silhouetted Sandhill Cranes in Flight

Please only use it as a wallpaper for a personal computer. Otherwise, I can only use really really really really boring pictures, or I have to stop all together.

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