Arabian Eco-Tours

Yousuf Mohageb on the right, Hawf Protected Area, Yemen

Yousuf Mohageb on the right, Hawf Protected Area, Yemen

This is just a quick post but a very important one. If you are a life birder or simply want to enjoy the natural areas Yemen has to offer there is one choice that I would highly recommend to you in terms of guides. Even though I only got to know Yousuf Mohageb over about a weeks period, I will consider him a lifelong friend and a person who’s knowledge of Yemen, its natural areas, and its wildlife is unrivaled when it comes to guides. He also made it possible for me to return home a week early from Yemen due to a family emergency though that looked impossible at the time, but by his sheer persistence did I make it on that plane. He does not have a website at the time but is very responsive to email. Here is his contact information.

Yousuf Mohageb

Director of Arabian Eco-tours
P. O. Box 5420, Sana’a, Yemen
Tel: + 967 1 22 33 18
Dir.# + 967 1 22 33 19
Fax + 967 1 22 66 74
Mobile:+967 777 77 00 24

Again, please contact Yousuf for all your Yemeni travel needs, he will keep your mind at ease!